Started in late 2016 the Wyckoff Alumni Project was created to honor and recognize those individuals that made the decision to pursue a greater knowledge of the technical markets by deciding to take the official Wyckoff Course offered by Wyckoff Stock Market Institute.

On this page are the names of the prestigious men and women who have participated in this century long educational program started by Richard Wyckoff in 1930’s.

Time and time again the staff at Wyckoff Stock Market Institute has spoken with students who have shared their love and passion for the markets with us. It was with these experiences in mind that the Wyckoff Alumni Project was born. In the near future, we have plans to host the first ever Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Summit. The Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Summit will be the first time ever Wyckoff Stock Market Institute students will be invited for a two-day meeting to discuss the teachings of Wyckoff Stock Market Institute with President Todd Butterfield and other members of the Wyckoff Team.

We will dive into the inner workings of the Wyckoff trading method and go over the vast array of new charting features offered by Wyckoff SMI that are available to Wyckoff Traders. We look forward to sharing more information with you about the 1st Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Summit in the near future! Register for our WSMI Alumni Newsletter now to stay updated!

We encourage all Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Alumni to subscribe to our “WSMI Alumni Newsletter” to stay up to date with special events and offers only available to Wyckoff SMI Alumni!

In 1972 Wyckoff Stock Market Institute educator David Mathys was asked to create a oral lecture on the history of the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute. The audio contained within this video is the lecture that was recorded on tape and sent out to students.

While the history only contains details up until 1972 it provides a good reliable record for students to be able to understand the heritage of our program.

To read the complete up to date history click here.

This recording was given to us by one of our Wyckoff Alumni students by the name of Jerry Abbanat.

In 1965 he exchanged some open real tapes with then Wyckoff SMI President Bob Evans containing some questions he had about the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute course. He found the interaction with Bob Evans to be quite interesting. These taped conversations eventually led him to enrolling in Wyckoff SMI. These tapes were recorded in 1964 just before Mr. Abbanat bought the course.

Mr. Abbanat states,

“I had some questions before purchase and Bob spent much time going over my taped questions and getting back to me on these little tapes. I have digitized them onto mp3’s and have kept them since then. The philosophy is wonderful. I think the philosophy of Wyckoff is just as important as the course itself. Bob was really wonderful at this.”

We hope all Wyckoff Alumni will take enjoyment in listening to this classic recording from one of Wyckoff Stock Market Institutes greatest educators Robert Evans.

Special thanks to Jerry Abbanat for allowing us to share these recordings with our fellow members.

Notable Staff & Contributors
Todd Butterfield
Current SMI President

James O’Brien
SMI President 2009-2016
Responsible for developing the first generation of the Pulse of the Market Charting Software
Created The Week In Review Newsletter

Craig Schroeder
Wyckoff SMI Educator 1981-2009
Wrote Craig’s Corner Series
Co-Authored “Charting The Market”

Gary Schuber
Wyckoff SMI President 1981-2009

A. Ray Freeman
SMI President 1974-1981
Moved SMI Head Quarters To Phoenix, Arizona

David Mathys
SMI Head Of Park Ridge Office
Wrote Trading Techniques
Re-Wrote Mr. Evans Basic Lectures

Bud Andrews
SMI President 1967-72 1973-74
Revamped Wyckoff Course Into 3 Volumes With Exams.
Registered Wyckoff SMI With SEC

George King
Creator of the “Stock Market Impression” tapes

Robert Evans
SMI President 1951-1967
Created Lecture Program & Optimism Pessimism Index
Developed The Count Guide
Create the concepts of Spring, Jump Across The Creek, The Ice Story

Toby Weary
Wyckoff SMI Student
Invented Trend Barometer (Momentum and Force Index 1937, and Technometer Indicator 1941)

Robert Stanlaws
SMI President 1934-1951
Pictured Below is Robert Stanlaws 1931 1st Edition Personal Richard D. Wyckoff Course





Richard D. Wyckoff
Wyckoff SMI Founder And President 1931-1934

Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Alumni

We are currently compiling a list of all past students from before July 2016 and will be updating this information as we can. If you were a former Wyckoff SMI student please contact us here.

Robert Stanslaw – 1931
Robert Evans – 1933
Toby Weary – 1935
Willard W. Grant – 1937
Nicholas Biebel – 1956
Dr. Wayne Fowler Sr. – 1956
Ronald J Tardiff – 1963
Jerry Lamb – 1963
Dr. Jonathan Horrell – 1963
R. Earl Warren – 1964
Jerry Abbanat – 1964
Sam Corso – 1965
Annalies Graber – 1966
A. Ray Freeman – 1966
T.J. Madison – 1967
Dr. William McMaster -1967
Richard Tello – 1970
Craig Schroeder – 1970
C. W. Smith – 1970
David Wies – 1971
Dr. Edward Goldstein – 1971
James O’Brien – 1972
Vincent Chimento- 1973
Robert L. Wright – 1974
Samuel Chimento – 1975
Allen Hines – 1975
Don Penners – 1975
Jerry Blythe – 1976
Hank Pruden – 1976
Jack Marshall – 1977
Peter Lauterbach – 1980
George Riess – 1980
Todd Butterfield – 1982
Ory Canal – 1983
Raymond Rogers – 1984
Tom Metzler – 1987
George Riess – 1988
Roy P. Beyer – 1990
Jerry Maffei – 1994
Roman Bogomazov – 1998
Timmie McBride – 2000
Robert Nicholas – 2002
Gary Dayton – 2004
Neal Ishman – 2006
Bryan Ishman – 2006
Robert Drinkard – 2007
Rick Steiner – 2011
Jim Oliveira – 2012
Dr. Isiah Newman – 2014
Richard Angelo – 2014
Flavio Mantesso – 2016
Frank Mazzarella – 2016
Lucas Vieira – 2016
Andrew Vince – 2016
Sio Kun Ng – 2016
K. Yuwathanont – 2016
Jerry Nye – 2016
Dr. Isiah Newman – 2016
Sio Kun Ng – 2016
Thomas Ellis – 2016
Ian Perry – 2016
William Herr – 2016
Peter de Bruyn Kops – 2016
Brandon Evans – 2016
Mark Rotunno – 2016
Martin Lennon – 2016
Tomasz Rozmus – 2016
Matthew Beasley – 2016
Joe Tavenner – 2016
George Stein – 2016
Jamison Gaddy – 2016
Rassul Shah – 2016
Paul Pham – 2016
Victor Chilargi – 2016
Andrew Chaveriat – 2016
Willem Huitema – 2017
Hugh Lancaster – 2017
Jim Tolbert – 2017
Keith Guy – 2017
Albert Davidson – 2017
Dario Colo – 2017
Kale Wright – 2017
Gregory Opelka – 2017
Franck Lucas – 2017
Cody Hill III – 2017
Ian McVicar – 2017
Joshua Evans – 2017
Fitzroy Kennedy – 2017
Tyler Toan Le – 2017
Avinash Pandey – 2017
Nicholas Robb – 2017
George Riess – 2017
Kritsada Yuwathanont – 2017
Tai Wai Yew – 2017
Dr. Wayne Fowler Jr. – 2017
Enrique Valdecantos- 2017
Samson Hui – 2017
Sio Kun Ng – 2017
Dale Sharp – 2017
Charles Flores – 2017
Jonathan McFarland – 2017
Harry Portolos – 2017
Esther Ow – 2017
Robert Drinkard – 2017
Daniel Hjelm – 2017
Dr. Abhinay Settipalli – 2017
John Cook – 2017
Taira Hunter – 2017
Dominique Buri – 2017
John Colucci – 2017
Eric Uncangco – 2017
Mathew Deterling – 2017