A look at the Van Eck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) we bought for our ProTraders ETF Model Portfolio

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We wanted to go through one of our trades that we just recently did with the use of the Wyckoff Tools.  On May 24th, we had GDX in a short term correction of six days.  As this correction of a previous advance was in progress, you can see the Optimism-Pessimism Index was touching new lows while the price of GDX was holding on to its previous rally gains.  This is depicted with the blue arrows. …

A look at Las Vegas Sands (LVS)

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We want to show an example on why the Optimism-Pessimism Index, which is a part of our “Pulse of the Market” charting software, is so important in calculating an accurate reading on volume.  Getting an end of day value on volume from most charting software, might not tell the whole story. But here at Wyckoff SMI, looking at the intra-day waves and breaking down the volume as such, gives you a much more accurate reading …

Stocks & Commodities: The Titans Of Technical Analysis

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Stocks & Commodities listed Richard Wyckoff as one of “The Titans Of Technical Analysis”. He shares this distinction with the likes of Charles Henry Dow, R.N. (Ralph Nelson) Elliott & Arthur A. Merrill.  The Richard Wyckoff method was reintroduced to the world via these pages in 1986 by the late Mr. Craig Schroeder. Click here to read article

Wyckoff’s Finest – Linda Bradford Raschke

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Before the launch of the new WyckoffSMI.com in 2016 there was no central source for information on the Wyckoff Trading Method. Most of the information was spread around the web on different forums, blogs and educational sites. Due to this factor the team here at Wyckoff Stock Market Institute has made it our top priority to compile and present the greatest amount of information on accomplished traders and firms that are using the Wyckoff Trading …

Talking About Wyckoff…..

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The journey to being an educated and successful trader is a lonely path suited for only the strongest of minds. It requires dedication, persistence and the ability to be steadfast in ones self confidence. It is very easy to find yourself hopping from one trading strategy to the next, all while being drawn in by the promise of high returns on glitzy advertisements and websites. Only very few traders have made a successful career out …

Introduction To Wyckoff Online Course Now Available!

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The last 2 weeks here at Wyckoff SMI have been busy! We have worked day and night to bring our new students a more affordable way for them to learn about the Wyckoff Trading Method and all the wonderful techniques and strategies Wyckoff has to offer! We are proud to announce we have launched our first ever “Intro To Wyckoff” Online course. This course consists of 12 lessons designed to introduced students to the Wyckoff …

Launch Of Our Wyckoff Unleashed Online Course

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We are proud to announce that we have successfully launched our Wyckoff Unleashed Online Course! The Wyckoff Unleashed Course was created to help SMI students learn on the go and at their own pace online. For the last 75 years students of the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute course have had to wait to receive heavy binders and course materials in the mail, which sometimes would cost upwards of $200 to ship to students. We have …

Richard Wyckoff Still Relevant After All These Years

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One thing we learn from being investors and traders in this ever changing market is the fact that there a few certainties. This week we reassured by Modern Trader magazine that Richard Wyckoff’s Trading Method is one of those few certainties that exist. MT’s Robert Burgess published a wonderful article on “Upthrust & Climaxes: Wyckoff Analysis” where he states… “Legendary technical trader Richard Wyckoff’s work is still relevant from both a long- and short-term perspective, …

A Look Back “Poised To React” (Wednesday September 7th)

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This is a report that was delivered to our Charting Members on Wednesday September 7th, 2016 before the major losses on September 8th & 9th. Wednesday, September 7, 2016 Click here to open the attached charts What To Do? Short Term: There are no short-term opportunities to the upside. Short-term bears who hold positions to the downside should maintain them. In addition, new short positions can be considered. Intermediate & Long Term: Their are no …